Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sketches and stuffs

Seems all I've been posting on here lately is my artwork and photography, so I'll update on whats happening around here, THEN post my sketches. =P

We have a mutt in the house...She's a lab and something else mixed...apparently like smartest breed of dog, unfortunately, the lab is the dumbest....thats why they're called "retrievers" cause they're no good at anything else.....Anyways, the dog herself seems to have rather -bright- eyes, at least. XD

Her name is Tatanka Hopa Coco.

She is a pretty looking dog, considering...I'm just not much of an animal person...I always thought it was cause they're all too stupid for my patience, but really, they're too smart! Cats are dumber than dogs, lol.

Having a dog in the house is seriously like a child x10. Cute babies dont bite, or jump, or bark, or...nevermind. >_>

And now for the long awaited, sketches! (nobody cares)

This one I did up for a friends birthday~

Lousy...Was too tired when I drew this.
Another I did for a birthday...Anyone else have a birthday coming up? it seems in that season or something. XD

Both the following can be found on my Deviantart page, coloured... if anyone is interested. =)


Vin said...

Like the first drawing! Girls got nice legs. =P

Wren said...

Lol, Thanks <3