Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mashed post

Well, I managed to have quite alot going on and not update this thing...

For starts, we were able to attend Bible camp this year in Chetek. Everyone had a blast. The bands were awesome. Since the Naylors nor Maaziah Mountain made it this year, it gave others the oppertunity to step up. Its amazing to see all the talent in our small group.

The Wagners especially stood out! Kudos guys!

This little guy is such a cutie. He gave me the sweetest smiles! too bad he was alittle camera shy =P

Some of the kids playing.

On another note, I just celebrated my 19th birthday!

Friends and family made it the best day of my life! Seriously! Between the sweet gifts, the fireworks (!!!!!!) the square dancing and one darn good angel food cake, I had a blast!

All happy cause they're singing to me.
Oh and I blew em all out! (that is...if 'all' doesnt include the last three or so XD)

Here's Moriel and me!

Moriel, me, Amy and Brooke  at Al-Gen's! This really cool restaurant Orion took us to.

Also, last weekend I went to a homeschool gathering (again, thanks Orion!)

Group shot!

We started with a nice picnic with more square dancing, that turned into fleeing from a storm,  with tornadoes! luckily Orion and I left before the worst of it. The flooding that made driving anywhere impossible. We still had a great time at Tricia's place, hanging out/climbing  on a BIG rock/mountain thing, playing "I've never," and MORE dancing!


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sketches and stuffs

Seems all I've been posting on here lately is my artwork and photography, so I'll update on whats happening around here, THEN post my sketches. =P

We have a mutt in the house...She's a lab and something else mixed...apparently like smartest breed of dog, unfortunately, the lab is the dumbest....thats why they're called "retrievers" cause they're no good at anything else.....Anyways, the dog herself seems to have rather -bright- eyes, at least. XD

Her name is Tatanka Hopa Coco.

She is a pretty looking dog, considering...I'm just not much of an animal person...I always thought it was cause they're all too stupid for my patience, but really, they're too smart! Cats are dumber than dogs, lol.

Having a dog in the house is seriously like a child x10. Cute babies dont bite, or jump, or bark, or...nevermind. >_>

And now for the long awaited, sketches! (nobody cares)

This one I did up for a friends birthday~

Lousy...Was too tired when I drew this.
Another I did for a birthday...Anyone else have a birthday coming up? it seems in that season or something. XD

Both the following can be found on my Deviantart page, coloured... if anyone is interested. =)

Friday, February 8, 2008

This is Winter

After bundling up, i went out early morning to take my shot at one of Gods many amazements. literally, to shoot it. the weather was fare the day before, so with the icy cold and a mist of snow falling through the night, everything stuck, was frosted.

To be completely surrounded by this scene was awesome..the sun was just barely peaking through the cloud cover, and it made everything glow in such a way...

I'm afraid my photos don't do it just. But i hope you enjoy nonetheless.

Unfortunately the 6 degree chill slowly inched its way to my brain, rendering me incapable of taking a straight photograph...*examines photo with a tilted head*

Here i was on the roof of our barn again trying to get a better view..shhhh, don't tell ^^

My fave tree to climb, lol. (taken from the roof)

My house =3

Once i made it inside where it was warm, my fingers were numb and purplish...hehe

Saturday, January 5, 2008


Silence is golden by ~ThisIsMyLife on deviantART

The Sun and the Moon by ~ThisIsMyLife on deviantART

Thats it for the recent art work..i'm quite happy with what i've been able to get done lately. But, unfortunately its involved a little neglection of my work...

Here are some photos i took a few weeks ago. I'm not very good, and i hope most of that can be blamed on the pos camera..I am saving up for a nice Nikon...that is, as long as i dont decide to buy a better tablet instead. >_>

Untitled by ~MyPointofView on deviantART

Untitled 2 by ~MyPointofView on deviantART

Also, this one i took some time ago, but since its a winter photo too, might as well.

First snow fall by ~MyPointofView on deviantART

Monday, December 31, 2007


Its new years eve today, and i am once again sitting at the computer..its sad really.
Mom likes to throw a "party" for new years eve every year with pizza and movies till midnight. I was playing my part and came up with a good movie to watch, "the house of flying daggers" only problem is we dont own it so i went to to download the movie. There i found a little chat window on the side of the site with a bunch of amateurs cursing at one another and talking about boobs and sex..the movie was having problems and i found their lack of morals utterly sick and tried to encourage them to use alittle manners..Didnt work signing in with a name like "nobodyspecial." I was a joke, so i left. Later i tried the movie again and the site was in the same state i'd left it: broken movie link, bunch of amateurs to the right talking about the same stuff as two hours before..It was time for a new strategy.

This is boredom at its finest.

I decided to pretend to be the Mod. First, i had to create a real account with the chat.. If you know me, you'll understand the title of the blog. Yes, i typoed it..but at least it was still affective, lol!

I needed something that would draw attention and hold respect since any threats of "booting" anyone would be quite hallow, so i got a red display photo with an exclamation mark.(see above.)(courtesy of google images.)

There was a hush over the room.

The reaction was amazing...there was close to no cursing whatsoever. And i only warned someone once!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Unimportant things that just happen to be happining

Time for an update. *I* don't really wanna talk about me, but for the sake of having something to write about, lets.

I'm only alittle over half way through colouring the illustrations I mentioned in a post 98274659027864597635 years ago. Doing this work is like trying to walk up a hill with a 50 lb weight tied to my ankle..Its taking time and patience. I hope to finish within a few weeks but the last thing I wanna do is set a date and stress myself, so i'm trying to take it easy and work when I can. I've actually gained alot from this work, in experience, a computer and 'some' $$$..So even tho I hate it, i can't complain.

I took some time off and started a new project. Its something very special so i cannot post it here for public display until its finished. I'm very excited for the out come of this one..Putting my new experience in digital art to some good use. ^^

So today is the first of Winter.( Thats "technically" of course..Winter really starts when the weather decides to throw snow on us.) Not been too bad this year, but i miss my long walks in the woods singing my fave songs. We're expecting a big snowfall tonight so I might as well make good use of it and go snowboarding!

Those squiggly lines that are meant to be clouds in the BG of my blog are bothering me, the colours too..So expect a change in the near future...

Since playing with my toes has become alittle more entertaining than writing this blog post, i'll close up now.

Sowie Vin, no photos. Next time!

And erm, *cough* happy Christmas to everyone...