Friday, February 8, 2008

This is Winter

After bundling up, i went out early morning to take my shot at one of Gods many amazements. literally, to shoot it. the weather was fare the day before, so with the icy cold and a mist of snow falling through the night, everything stuck, was frosted.

To be completely surrounded by this scene was awesome..the sun was just barely peaking through the cloud cover, and it made everything glow in such a way...

I'm afraid my photos don't do it just. But i hope you enjoy nonetheless.

Unfortunately the 6 degree chill slowly inched its way to my brain, rendering me incapable of taking a straight photograph...*examines photo with a tilted head*

Here i was on the roof of our barn again trying to get a better view..shhhh, don't tell ^^

My fave tree to climb, lol. (taken from the roof)

My house =3

Once i made it inside where it was warm, my fingers were numb and purplish...hehe


A daughter of His said...

Love the pictures Lauren!! Especially the last one! I really like how you wrote it up too! Mols

Wren said...

Aw, thanks so much Molly. You're so sweet. ^^

Vin said...

The last pic looks awesome.

I am still using that first snow pic as my desktop wallpaper, you know!?