Saturday, December 22, 2007

Unimportant things that just happen to be happining

Time for an update. *I* don't really wanna talk about me, but for the sake of having something to write about, lets.

I'm only alittle over half way through colouring the illustrations I mentioned in a post 98274659027864597635 years ago. Doing this work is like trying to walk up a hill with a 50 lb weight tied to my ankle..Its taking time and patience. I hope to finish within a few weeks but the last thing I wanna do is set a date and stress myself, so i'm trying to take it easy and work when I can. I've actually gained alot from this work, in experience, a computer and 'some' $$$..So even tho I hate it, i can't complain.

I took some time off and started a new project. Its something very special so i cannot post it here for public display until its finished. I'm very excited for the out come of this one..Putting my new experience in digital art to some good use. ^^

So today is the first of Winter.( Thats "technically" of course..Winter really starts when the weather decides to throw snow on us.) Not been too bad this year, but i miss my long walks in the woods singing my fave songs. We're expecting a big snowfall tonight so I might as well make good use of it and go snowboarding!

Those squiggly lines that are meant to be clouds in the BG of my blog are bothering me, the colours too..So expect a change in the near future...

Since playing with my toes has become alittle more entertaining than writing this blog post, i'll close up now.

Sowie Vin, no photos. Next time!

And erm, *cough* happy Christmas to everyone...

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Vin said...

Tis okay! your new profile pic is enough =P!!

Looking forward to those new blog changes. It will be interesting!!!