Monday, December 31, 2007


Its new years eve today, and i am once again sitting at the computer..its sad really.
Mom likes to throw a "party" for new years eve every year with pizza and movies till midnight. I was playing my part and came up with a good movie to watch, "the house of flying daggers" only problem is we dont own it so i went to to download the movie. There i found a little chat window on the side of the site with a bunch of amateurs cursing at one another and talking about boobs and sex..the movie was having problems and i found their lack of morals utterly sick and tried to encourage them to use alittle manners..Didnt work signing in with a name like "nobodyspecial." I was a joke, so i left. Later i tried the movie again and the site was in the same state i'd left it: broken movie link, bunch of amateurs to the right talking about the same stuff as two hours before..It was time for a new strategy.

This is boredom at its finest.

I decided to pretend to be the Mod. First, i had to create a real account with the chat.. If you know me, you'll understand the title of the blog. Yes, i typoed it..but at least it was still affective, lol!

I needed something that would draw attention and hold respect since any threats of "booting" anyone would be quite hallow, so i got a red display photo with an exclamation mark.(see above.)(courtesy of google images.)

There was a hush over the room.

The reaction was amazing...there was close to no cursing whatsoever. And i only warned someone once!


Vin said...

you'll make a good superhero...
I think.

Wren said...

hehe, if only i could overcome my typing errors. XD