Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

Tis been awhile...I really need to update more often!

I didn't get as many pictures today as i would have liked, the little ones were off playing video games most the day. Lol, didn't feel like tracking them down. Anyway, here are some random photos i took throughout the day. =)

Here is Andy my oldest brother, and Becca.
Oh my..
Like, i donno..
Becca and jewel! (Tori is the one putting the..what are those, moose antlers? lol.)
Me, Becca, Jewel, Tori..
Moving on....
Andy..and his stare.

My Jewel and sis inlaw, Yavonne. ^^
Seriously! My brothers have the most hilarious expressions!
Here is Orion, again..he's got so much charisma, i can't help taking his photo..
Anyway, i can't get over how cute he is in that hat, lol.
Anyways, we all had a pleasant Thanksgiving. And i only hid in my room, like, three hours of the day. =P

1 comment:

Vin said...

The jewel pic with your sister; Jewel looks quite freaking cute.

your bros are hilarious.

And you're looking great!